Technical articles

Given the variety of soldermask configurations Lab Circuits has to process, the company’s approach is to unify mask-treatment criteria to focus on a final result of high quality and functionality, both in manufacturing and in the subsequent assembly. The standard parameters Lab Circuits works with are as tight as possible in order to make this purpose feasible.

The purpose of this document is to provide knowledge about the process and bring the results offered by Lab Circuits as close as possible to our customers.

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Publication date: 12-06-2023

In the Lab Circuits Technical Office, certain adjustments are made to the original design parameters in order to ensure maximum product manufacturability, high quality and reliability in the subsequent assembly of components.

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Publication date: 09-09-2022

Section 1.2 of the IPC 6011 standard for generic specification on the performance of printed circuits sets forth the classification criteria for printed circuit boards according to their degree of functionality and performance. According to these criteria, these are grouped into three classes:
? Class 1: General and consumer electronics products.
? Class 2: Professional electronics products.
? Class 3: High performance and reliability electronics products. Printed circuit boards for avionics are given the classification 3/A.

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Publication date: 08-11-2019

The quality of the printed circuits. Regulations reference and practical use.

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Publication date: 10-11-2014

This article describes in detail the most important to consider aspects concerning the controlled impedance.

- Definition.
- Calculate.
- Certification.

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Publication date: 09-11-2014

This article provides some tips for the optimal design of a print in order to avoid problems in the future manufacture of printed circuit.

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Publication date: 08-11-2014

You can download the document below to understand the operation, design standards and utility Rigiflex circuits.

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Publication date: 07-11-2014