Reach Directive

The REACH Regulation (EC/1907/2006) came into force the 1st of June 2007. The 01/06/2008 the pre-register period began which carried on until the 30th of November 2008 and allows manufacturers and importers to benefit from the transitory period, which allows the subsequent registration of each one of the substances. This period ranges between 3 and 5 years for substances with a volume over 1000 Ton/year and considered highly dangerous, up to 11 years for substances with a volume between 1 and 100 Ton/year, always starting to count from the date regulation came into force.

LAB CIRCUIT, S.A. wants to make all its customers know which is the situation of the products it supplies related to the regulation previously mentioned:

LAB CIRCUITS, SA, as a downstream user, doesn’t have the obligation to register nor, therefore, pre-register any substance. Even though, derived from our own obligations as a downstream user, we are getting in touch with all our suppliers to assure they have pre-registered and they are going to register all substances that can be found in our supply chain. This way we confirm our products have none of the very high concern substances (VHC substances) included in the list of candidate substances to entry in the appended XIV of REACH Regulation.

As REACH introduction moves forward, LAB CIRCUITS will prepare the appropriate information to certificate its customers that its products are totally in accordance to what is demanded by their regulation and that all of the used products carry out with the regulation. In the same way, LAB CIRCUITS commits to pass on to its suppliers the information needed concerning its use and its customers use in order for these to be identified and be included in the exposure scenario that will be added to the Security Information Cards provided by the suppliers. Also, LAB CIRCUITS will provide the customers with any available and important information about the substances that happens to be needed to identify and to put in to practice the appropriate measures for risk procedures.

In the same way we inform you that the person in charge of REACH related matters will be Isabel Güell. For any doubts or any other question related to REACH you can get in touch by phoning the page heading telephone number or by mail:

We trust this information will interest you and clarify the doubts concerning the products LAB CIRCUITS can provide you of and the relation we carry out with the REACH REGULATION.