Company Quality Policy

Management report to all companies stratums.

The industrial context we are in imposes us to be more competitive every day. Consequently, we must always offer our clients a service with no mistakes, and a product with the quality that will satisfy there expectations, and which will carry out the international most accepted regulations.
Because of these reasons, Lab Circuits quality policy is based on the basic principles below:

  • REGULAR AND ADEQUATE QUALITY of the manufactured product by having good instruments, appropriate facilities and a trained staff motivated towards Quality.
  • COMPETITIVE COSTS, reducing unnecessary factors than make us more expensive, that reduce our and our client’s competitiveness.
  • RESPONSIBLE AND RIGOUROUS fulfilment of our commitments towards our clients (delivery terms, etc).

All of this with the objective of having our client’s confidence, and consequently, guarantee Lab Circuits existence for a long time.

To manage it, it will be very important to operate on the following points:

  1. Knowledge, measure and improvement of our clients’ satisfaction level.
  2. Decrease internal waste product.
  3. Decrease external waste product, and efficient reply to what is produced.
  4. Delivery terms fulfilment control and improvement.
  5. Provide all Labs’ staff with precise and up to date working instructions.
  6. Compel all the company to constantly pursuit the three basic principles related to above.

To develop it we establish our Quality System as a framework, according to ISO-EN-UNE 9001:2008, by which we are guaranteed by AENOR.

This management is totally committed to this Quality System, and delegates to Josep Muelas, the person in charge of the Quality Management, the mission of putting it into practice permanently in all the company.

Albert Angel Batalla
Albert Angel Batalla
LAB CIRCUITS, S.A. General Manager