From Lab Circuits beginnings, quality has been, and still is, one of the fundamental pillars of the company. In this way our company has achieved the international market recognition and has become, nowadays, a reference in national and European confines.

In Lab Circuits we pay special attention on respects like:

  • Awareness towards our clients needs.
  • Appropriate and continuous training of our professional team.
  • Decrease waste products.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • Control plans, with a bigger effort focused on the process control plans.

Traceability gives us the possibility of reproducing a product record to quickly be able to find the origin of problems that can appear during its manufacture or distribution, and avoid them in future. To identify traceability, it refers to with a manufacturing order number, and registries and controls of every operation that has been made, by SPC graphics, quality controls, as well as photographs which can show us any deviation and act in real time on the production order or on the process, if needed.

One of the bases for analyzing is the defect coding. This way analyzing is done in real time, through evolution graphics, Pareto analysis and related photographs.

Monthly reports of each process performance, the quality committee meetings, and a system check yearly report, provide us with the information to start off preventive and corrective actions, to be able to get our expected objectives.

The fulfilment of client’s particular specifications, Lab Circuits internal regulations and international regulations IPC-A-600 allow us to draw up the quality certificates for each of the carried out manufacturing orders.

Standard manufactures in Lab Circuits are performed according to IPC-A600 class 2 standard, being able to also perform in class 3 or 3A upon customer request.