Materials spacer FR4,Alt Tg, High frequency ,PI -
No. Layers spacer from 2 to 32 -
PCB final thickness spacer de 0.8 a 3.2 mm. 0,5 and 4 mm.
Maximum PCB size spacer 570 mm x 500 mm 600x400 mm
Minimum Track / Space spacer 0.075/0.075 mm -
Base copper thickness spacer 17,35,70,105 µm -
Minimum Finished hole spacer 0.15 mm -
Drills spacer thru-hole, blind, buried, microvia, castellated plated holes and backdrill. -
Microvias spacer 75 µm amd 100 µm -
Resin filling vias/microvias spacer Taiyo THP-100DX non-conductive resin -
Copper filling microvias spacer Microvia filling with copper -
Scoring spacer Yes -
PCB surface finish spacer IAg, ENIG , HAL Lead Free,
Hal Tin Lead, Hard Gold Edge Connectors
and Graphite
Immersion Tin
Photoimageable Solder Mask, legend and peelable ink spacer Yes -
Controlled Impedance
(previous analysis design)
spacer 10% <10%
UL listed spacer Yes in FR4 -
Rigiflex spacer static and dynamic. -
IPCA600 spacer CLASS 2 CLASS 3,3A *

Last update: 07-06-2023
Units: Milimeters