New Orbotech Nuvogo™ 800 Direct Imaging System.

New Orbotech Nuvogo™ 800 Direct Imaging System.

Lab Circuits takes a great leap forward with the soldermask direct image transfer system, with the investment of the new Orbotech Nuvogo™ 800 Direct Imaging System.

The new Orbotech direct imaging system, based on direct exposure by laser, allows us to take a further step towards the highest standards of quality. It consists of digitally transmitting the image of the soldermask, panel by panel, without using the old traditional phototools. By combining the flexibility of a wide range of resistive circuits while maintaining high registration precision and depth of focus, it achieves optimal, high performance results including excellent uniformity and quality, even through the irregular topography and variable thickness of some of our most demanding circuits.

The use of this new technology is a major breakthrough, achieving superior image quality and spectacular focus and a clear improvement in the quality of the mask that accompanies our PCBs.

Orbotech Ltd, based in Israel, is the world leader in high technology equipment for the manufacture of printed circuit boards. The relationship between Orbotech and Lab Circuits goes back to the late 80s, when Lab Circuits acquired its first automatic optical inspection system (AOI).

Publication date: 01-03-2015