UNE-EN 9100:2010

UNE-EN 9100:2010

Lab Circuits has been awarded the UNE-EN 9100:2010 certification for its Quality Management System, as required in the aviation, space and defence sectors.

In November, Lab Circuits successfully passed the certification audit for the quality standard UNE-EN 9100:2010 by AENOR.

After successfully introducing the quality system ISO 9001:2008 and environmental system ISO 14001:2004 years ago, Lab Circuits has hit another milestone in the certification process.

This new quality standard will enable us to fully comply with the demanding requirements of the aeronautic, aerospace and defence industries, focusing on design control, process control, purchases and non-conformance control, as well as on areas that have the largest impact on safety and reliability of the products


Publication date: 11-02-2013