New IPC standard concerning electrical test.

New IPC standard concerning electrical test.

Lab Circuits adapts to IPC-9252A concerning electrical test

The American association IPC, who is editing the printed circuit board technical rules that are the worldwide standard, has published some months ago the A release of its norm IPC-9252.
This text defines how the electrical test over naked pcb’s has to be performed, and also how it has to be identified in the Certificate of Conformity (CofC). Specifically, it clearly identifies the two electrical test modes more commonly used nowadays: the resistive test and the indirect test (also known as “signature comparison”).

Even though our test procedures are perfectly adapted to the norm since many years ago both in resistive or indirect test mode, it has been necessary to adapt our current Certificate of Conformity to the requirements of the standard.

For this reason, since first of April 2011 our CofC will always clearly indicate the test mode used, and also the applied parameters.

If you require more additional information do not hesitate to contact your Lab Circuits’ partner.

Publication date: 07-04-2011