Second unit of Sprint8

Second unit of Sprint8

Lab Circuits invests on its second unit of Sprint8 legend inkjet system

When only one year is gone since the start-up of the first Orbotech’s Sprint8 unit in Lab Circuits, the excellence of the results have pushed the company to the purchase of an identical second unit, which is working since May 2010.

In words of Xavier Angel, Lab Circuits’ technical manager, “ this second unit allows us to make all our production with this inkjet technology, something not possible until now. So our customers can all benefit now of the legend positioning accuracy in all their pcb’s, as much as the lower costs achieved by the elimination of traditional fabric screens. This is an additional step to the toolingless production of printed circuit boards”.

Orbotech Ltd, based in Israel, is one of the world’s leader in high tech equipment for pcb production. Orbotech and Lab Circuits relation come since the late 80’s, when Lab Circuits acquired its first Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system.

Publication date: 11-05-2010