Environmental’s Policy

Lab Circuits environmental policy’s objective is to respect and protect the environment, to guarantee legislation observance and other requirements the company will voluntarily subscribe for, adopting the commitment for a continuous and reasonable improvement of its activities and products, focused on reducing the environmental impact to levels which don’t exceed the ones that correspond a economically viable application of the best available technology.

To guarantee a real application, we base on the following proceedings principles:

  • Encourage the sense of responsibility towards environment with correct staff training.
  • Evaluate and supervise the activity repercussions towards environment.
  • Adopt any necessary measures to prevent pollution.
  • Have the organization environmental policy at the disposal of the public who requests it.

To reach this policy, the Environment Management Manual is established as framework that fixes the rules to carry out.
This post of manager commits to make it be carried out, and delegates on the Environmental Manageress, Isabel Güell, the mission of putting it into practice in all the organizations confines, giving her the authority and responsibility needed to accomplish this mission.

Albert Angel Batalla
Albert Angel Batalla
LAB CIRCUITS, S.A. General Manager